Publicizing events on college campuses: Part 1

College students are always looking for ways to promote their organizations on campus: student government activities, sports teams, Greek life, fundraisers and more. Last weekend I spoke to a group of college members of a national co-ed service fraternity about tips for getting their organization’s name out there. As I told them, more exposure leads to an easier time recruiting new members if potential members think your organization is something others pay attention to.

This blog post focuses on the foundation: Create a relationship with your campus marketing and communications office. If you’re hoping to get your school to promote your organization, amid the hundreds of others on campus, you need to put a face with your organization.

1)     Search on your school’s website and find out who does media relations for your college.

2)     E-mail to set up an informational appointment: it’ll just take 5-10 minutes for you to explain a little about your organization

3)     Prepare a short statement of what your organization is about to give to the media relations person. Pretty much, put on paper what you’re going to tell them in person so they don’t have to take notes. They’ll easily file away this sheet for future reference.

4)     Visit with this person: keep it short and sweet. We see and hear from tons of professors and students every day, so it can get hard to keep things straight. But not many students set up appointments to talk briefly about their organization, so your visit will stand out in our minds.

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