Publicizing events on college campuses: Part 2

Like we discussed in Part 1, forming a relationship with your college’s communications and marketing office is the foundation for publicizing student events on college and university campuses. Once you establish that relationship, here are some things to do with it. This post looks at how to get active on Facebook. (Editor’s note: this blog series is geared more toward students than marketing professionals; but welcome all!)

Most colleges and universities have active profiles on Facebook, and speaking as someone who co-manages a college’s social media presence, including Facebook, we’re always looking for a variety of content, whether it’s generated by ourselves or others.

Building a relationship with your college’s media relations person is important and so is finding out who the social media person is and introducing yourself. Often times, as in my case, it’s the same person. Or, as is also the case, it’s more than one person. It’s good for the person managing your college’s social media presence to know who you are when you come their way asking for your event to be pushed out to the campus community.

I spoke to a group of students a few weeks ago about this topic. I checked before my talk, and each of their schools have strong Facebook profiles. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a four-year college or university without an official and active Facebook profile.

If you have an event coming up, there’s a chance it might get promoted on Facebook. Or, better yet, if you have a great event, such as a Kick Ball for Cystic Fibrosis or St. Baldrick’s Day celebration, take pictures! We love photos, and Facebook fans—which are made up of student peers, professors, alumni and parents, among others—love pictures, too. So snap a bunch, send them to us, and we may post them as an album on Facebook. If others see how much fun your organization is having, it might lead to more interest and better recruitment!

Finally, here’s a tip outside the realm of your college’s communications office: Create your own Facebook profile for your chapter, if you haven’t already. Make sure you let everyone know about it so they can join. And make sure to let your school’s social media person know, too. They may give it a shout out on your school’s official page, which could result in a lot of “likes.”

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