Promoted tweets should be pitch perfect

I just happened across a promoted tweet from @Walmart that’s advertising Halloween items: Make us your one-stop shop for an affordable Halloween. And the tweet is promoting “Cups, candy and more.”

Since when are cups coveted, must-have Halloween items? You do need cups for parties, but still. Why didn’t @Walmart’s Twitter manager say “Costumes, candy and more”?

My organization is looking into paying for promotional posts on Facebook and promoted tweets on Twitter, so this observation makes me wonder how other organizations decide which posts are important enough to pay to promote and what kind of decisions are involved in the content of these posts.

Lesson: If you’re going to pay to promote a tweet, make sure that the content of the tweet is pitch perfect. My guess is that many more shoppers are looking for that perfect costume rather than that perfect holiday cup.

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5 thoughts on “Promoted tweets should be pitch perfect

  1. John Henry Malik says:

    You are correct in questioning content of promotional material. A plethora of poorly written copy, whether it is for print advertising, TV, social media ads, or just plain social interaction is sliding downhill fast.
    Why? one asks. Either the writer is incompetent or she so despises humanity that she believes that any trash she puts out will be effective. Strangely enough, the public has become inured to this lack of well-thought-out communication, and has come to either ignore it or try to demystify it and tease out its true meaning. What a strange world it is in which we live.

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