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Article Recommendation: 5 New Ways to Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

Article Recommendation: 5 New Ways to Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank

These are great suggestions for trying to improve your EdgeRank with Facebook (good luck). Just a caution on #3: my knee-jerk reaction is to say “No!” to this. I think it only works when your Facebook page is very specific to one product, brand, or person. If your page encompasses a lot of different products or brands or shows, this sort of lengthy post won’t get read.


Promoted tweets should be pitch perfect

I just happened across a promoted tweet from @Walmart that’s advertising Halloween items: Make us your one-stop shop for an affordable Halloween. And the tweet is promoting “Cups, candy and more.”

Since when are cups coveted, must-have Halloween items? You do need cups for parties, but still. Why didn’t @Walmart’s Twitter manager say “Costumes, candy and more”?

My organization is looking into paying for promotional posts on Facebook and promoted tweets on Twitter, so this observation makes me wonder how other organizations decide which posts are important enough to pay to promote and what kind of decisions are involved in the content of these posts.

Lesson: If you’re going to pay to promote a tweet, make sure that the content of the tweet is pitch perfect. My guess is that many more shoppers are looking for that perfect costume rather than that perfect holiday cup.

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Rebooting Your Content for a Mobile World

Several weeks ago I attended the 2012 Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, Ohio. It was packed full of great information, and for the first time at a conference, I live tweeted from each of the dozen or so talks I attended instead of taking notes on paper. My tweets can speak better (and more quickly) than any blog post can, so for the next several posts, I’ll share my takeaways from the conference, via tweets.

First up: the opening keynote session with Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation and the upcoming CTRL ALT DEL, to be published in spring 2013. His talk was titled “How to Reboot Your Content for a Mobile World.”

(As on Twitter, the earliest tweets are at the bottom.)

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A bazillion people are having more trouble with Facebook iPad app

In the past less-than 48 hours, my Dec. 2011 post “How to comment with the new Facebook iPad app” has buh-lown up. My blog has gotten almost 1,800 hits, with the majority of folks looking at this post. What’s going on?!

I’m really sorry to say, but I don’t know. My app is working properly (sorry!).  Readers have commented that, basically, their Facebook iPad app isn’t allowing them to comment on posts in their newsfeeds. When these users click on “comment” on a post, a box should pop up on the right and you should be allowed to comment. See my photo above.

But for a lot of folks, it seems this box is disappearing before they can comment, and it’s not reappearing when they tap “comment.” It doesn’t seem to be a problem exclusive to different iPad versions. And the smarties that we are, we’ve all checked the App Store to make sure we have the latest edition of the Facebook iPad app, which we do, from April 2, 2012. It also isn’t a problem with wireless keyboards.

Let’s keep discussing this and helping each other figure out a solution! I’ll do my research and you do yours. It looks like Facebook needs to fix a glitch…and from the looks of my blog stats, it needs to be fixed fast!

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Facebook launches app for brand page admins!

According to a Mashable article, “Manage Your Brand’s Facebook Page From this New App,” Facebook unveiled yesterday an app made just for admins of pages.


I’ve been a blogger for about 3.5 years, and no series of posts on this blog has gotten more hits and comments than the ones I’ve written about the lack of an app for Facebook admins.

I’m beyond excited, and I hope the hundreds of people using search terms like “how the $@!% do I update my biz FB page on iPad” are excited now, too.

Note: It’s an iPhone app, and there isn’t an iPad version yet, but blow it up to 2x and it’ll be just fine. Or don’t. Either way it’s a-okay.

What we can do now (aka: oh, the power!):

1) We can now post a photo AND give it a caption. All at the same time! [With the regular Facebook app, we couldn’t; we had to post the photo, then comment on it if we wanted to add a description. And half the time, it didn’t work, so I had to scurry to Safari and comment.]

2) We can view insights!

3) We can post knowing for sure we’re posting as the page! [Long story short, with the regular Facebook app, as you’re typing a comment or update on your business page, it appears as if it will come from your personal account. But when you posted, it posted as your page. There was always a split second of anxiety not quite knowing what it’ll choose to do…]

4) When we post a link to a webpage, just like the desktop version of Facebook, it still provides a preview and image. It shows the URL, and you can’t delete it, but I can settle for that.

5) We can delete comments and ban users. Tools I use rarely but am happy to have.

Here are the past posts discussing this Facebook iPad app topic:

October 14, 2011: Everything’s great about Facebook’s new iPad app, except…

December 1, 2011: Reader finds solution for annoying Facebook iPad glitch

March 23, 2012: It’s not you: Why you can’t be a good admin with the Facebook iPad app

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