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Cooking hotlines during holidays are an awesomely creative marketing strategy

Today I saw a query from a freelance writer who’s doing a story for a major outlet about companies offering “online or phone help for frazzled cooks this holiday season.” Crisco is having a Pie Hotline this holiday season for the fifth time, and Butterball has had Turkey Talk-Lines in the past.

Awesome awesome awesome. This creative venture fills a huge need (who wants to call dad for help when you told him you’d handle the turkey this year), and it pushes a brand without being overwhelming. This puts a fun spin on the term “thought leader” and expands the original idea of the point of free whitepapers.

What about a Miracle-Gro® hotline for folks who aren’t sure how much water their indoor plant needs or if your ever-growing plant needs to be re-potted? Or maybe a Sherwin-Williams® hotline for painters who are flipping out because they’ve spilled on about 10 different surface types and have no idea what to do to make the paint come out?

This could get out of control. Again, awesome.

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