A bazillion people are having more trouble with Facebook iPad app

In the past less-than 48 hours, my Dec. 2011 post “How to comment with the new Facebook iPad app” has buh-lown up. My blog has gotten almost 1,800 hits, with the majority of folks looking at this post. What’s going on?!

I’m really sorry to say, but I don’t know. My app is working properly (sorry!).  Readers have commented that, basically, their Facebook iPad app isn’t allowing them to comment on posts in their newsfeeds. When these users click on “comment” on a post, a box should pop up on the right and you should be allowed to comment. See my photo above.

But for a lot of folks, it seems this box is disappearing before they can comment, and it’s not reappearing when they tap “comment.” It doesn’t seem to be a problem exclusive to different iPad versions. And the smarties that we are, we’ve all checked the App Store to make sure we have the latest edition of the Facebook iPad app, which we do, from April 2, 2012. It also isn’t a problem with wireless keyboards.

Let’s keep discussing this and helping each other figure out a solution! I’ll do my research and you do yours. It looks like Facebook needs to fix a glitch…and from the looks of my blog stats, it needs to be fixed fast!

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18 thoughts on “A bazillion people are having more trouble with Facebook iPad app

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  2. Gail says:

    I can’t leave any comments either, very annoying.

  3. samjgarforth says:

    I’m having this problem too

  4. Maree says:

    I’m having the same problem and it seemed to kick in the same day that I got a notification on my PC from FB that I have been switched to Timeline. Any connection?????

  5. Gail says:

    Mine seems o.k today as if it’s fixed itself while I’ve been sleeping….very weird! xx

  6. Matt says:

    Mine is doing it too. The comment box at the bottom appears while the pic and text is loading and then it refreshes and the comment box disappears. If you try to type in the comment box while it’s loading, the text you type won’t send and it disappears with the box when the slide out window refreshes.

  7. Ashley says:

    Thanks for this feedback!

  8. Jenny says:

    That’s a new news thanks for the post.

  9. Kath says:

    I was having this issue but it seems to have cleared its self x unfortunately I now can’t comment on blogger blogs through face book links as its not auto logging me in aghhhhhh if its not one issue it’s another 😦

  10. Paul says:

    We. Have two IPAD’s in the family, ver 1 and ver 2 and they both recently began having weird issues like this with FB.

  11. This is what’s happened to my iPad2 as of today. If I go to the poster and comment directly to them, it works. Just not on my feed. What’s going on?????????????

    • Pam says:

      I can’t like or comment, if I go to the posters wall I can do both, but on my wall it won’t work I hit comment and nothing, I can post on my wall but that’s it.

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  13. Kathy B says:

    I can like and comment on the app but not if I log into FB thru safari! Any ideas why this is happening?

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  15. Ah Nita says:

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